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Need a new automobile, a big screen TV, sound system, or an entire wardrobe? The Dine In or Dine Out Preferred Shopping System guarantees prompt, efficient service and offers big savings. Here’s how we can get you the lowest prices possible:


We’ve combined the buying power of the Dine In or Dine Out membership, and then we negotiate group discounts. More members mean more savings.

We can arrange for merchandise to be shipped directly to you from distributors, manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers. You avoid the “middleman’s” cost!

We have an over forty-five (45) year record of ethical business dealings with hundreds of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of satisfied members.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our computerized shopping system can help save you up to 50% and more on over 300,000 brand name consumer products. Most products can even be “drop-shipped” to your address.

  • Shop around for the product you want
  • Write down the product’s name, brand name, model numbers, style or optional features
  • Call the toll-free number listed on your membership card. The “Shopping Service” is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, except on holidays
  • A Service Representative will request your Dine In or Dine Out Group ID and your membership number
  • Please give the above-mentioned details about the product as well as the seller information (Name, Address and Phone Number of the Store, Catalog, or Other Business where you saw the item)
  • You can then order the item from us or use the price quotes to make an informed decision
  • Note: Please do not request information on department store brands, as “private label” brands are not available

GROUP NUMBER/ID: Please refer to the group number listed on your card or click here.

MEMBERSHIP NUMBER: Please refer to the membership number listed on your card

Small packages are usually delivered by UPS. Larger items will be shipped by common carrier. Although we are not able to prearrange delivery for a specific day or time, we will attempt to notify the common carrier to contact you prior to delivery. Common carrier shipments are curbside deliveries. Please make arrangements to be available at the time of delivery. An in-house delivery can be arranged for some furniture and appliance shipments. Quotes on this method of delivery are available when you place your order.

Shipping and handling options and charges are discussed at the time of your initial quote. Your order may be shipped freight collect or freight prepaid. Should the carrier request payment for freight shipment in error, please accept the merchandise, pay the freight charges and keep a copy of the freight bill. Send us a copy of this bill with your purchase order number and your member number. We will promptly refund any additional charges that have been made in error.

Purchases come with manufacturer’s warranties and/or guarantees. If an item needs service, contact the manufacturer’s authorized service center to arrange for the necessary service. We make no warranty of merchandise fitness for a particular purpose or warranty of merchantability, or any other warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to merchandise purchased. If you would like to receive a copy of the manufactures warranty on a specific model you are interested in purchasing simply send your request and a self addressed stamped envelope to Member Services, 1620 Bond Street, Naperville IL 60563.

Members can check order status on line at or call one of our customer satisfaction specialist’s toll-free and receive friendly, personal attention. If a back order occurs, you may decide to wait for the item, choose a comparable available item, or cancel the order. You may cancel an order, which is not customized, or special ordered prior to shipment. Cancellation of customized orders, special researched or special ordered merchandise prior to production or shipment will be at the discretion of the vendor. Restocking or penalty fees may apply. Products that are special ordered include custom furniture, automobiles, certain types of jewelry, sized merchandise, computers or any merchandise specifically made to order for the customer. Please do not make other arrangements to purchase the merchandise prior to receiving confirmation from our office that we were able to cancel the order.

Inspect the order immediately. Do not sign for the merchandise until you inspect for damage. If a shipment arrives with apparent damage sign the freight bill “With Exception” and note which pieces are damaged. Accept the shipment, call the trucking company to report the damage, and call our toll-free number immediately for further assistance. Open the carton immediately and completely inspect your order. If you find concealed damage:

  1. Notify the trucking company or UPS immediately. (No more than six (6) hours after receipt of shipment).
  2. Call our office to report the damage and for further assistance. We will assist you in settling your claim as expeditiously as possible.
  3. If possible do not unpack or move the cartons.
  4. Save all packing materials, cartons, etc. for inspection.

If the above procedures are followed, the damaged pieces will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you. We cannot be responsible for delivery damage if said damage is not reported to the trucking company and our office within six (6) hours of the delivery.


You may request return authorization for items that are in new, unused condition which are packed in the original carton unopened with all accessories, packing material, and printed material within ten (10) days of receipt of your order.

Provided the aforementioned requirements are complied with, a credit or refund will be processed when we receive the returned order. In the event that authorization to return is issued for any reason other than that the member has received merchandise other than what was ordered, the member shall be responsible for all shipping and handling charges as well as any restocking fees charged by the vendor. Since certain restrictions may apply, please call us toll-free to receive instructions on how to return your purchase.  Merchandise that has been special ordered or customized may not be returned.

Purchases made through the shopping service come with manufacturer’s warranties and/or guarantees. If an item needs service, contact the manufacturer’s authorized service center to arrange for the necessary service. We make no warranty of merchandise fitness for a particular purpose or warranty of merchantability, or any other warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to merchandise purchased. If you would like to receive a copy of the manufactures warranty on a specific model you are interested in purchasing, simply send your request and a self addressed stamped envelope to Member Services, 1620 Bond Street, Naperville IL 60563.

Double-the-Difference Savings Guarantee!

If you happen to see the identical product you bought through Dine In or Dine Out advertised at a lower price, don’t worry! If you can find a better deal within thirty (30) days of the time of your purchase, we will refund double (200%) the difference in price!


A registered and active Member may apply for payment under the terms of the savings guarantee if an item which he/she has purchased through The Shopping Service is advertised for less (exclusive of shipping, handling, taxes and rebates, if any) by an authorized retail business* within the 30-day period following the order date. The Member must submit valid proof of the lower price to apply for a savings guarantee payment. (Delivery of the item purchased through the Shopping Service must take place within the 48 contiguous states). The Member submits “valid proof”, the verifiable advertisement showing the item, price, manufacturer, model number and sales date, as well as the name and address of the local retail store for the identical product to the Shopping Service, along with the Purchase Order Number and Member Number under which he/she purchased the merchandise. The term “identical product” shall mean non-defective, in-stock merchandise carrying the same manufacturer’s model number, color, description, warranty and/or guarantee. Merchandise that is damaged in any way, discontinued, defective, a second, or a floor sample does not qualify as an identical product. A Member is entitled to one savings guarantee payment for each different model ordered. Upon verification of the retail price, the Member will be sent a check for the double the difference in price between the price paid for the merchandise through the Shopping Service and the retail price.


The comparison item must be new (current model year), in stock and perfect merchandise carrying the identical manufacturer’s model number, color, description and warranty and/or guarantee. New merchandise that is damaged in any way, defective, discontinued, not perfect, gray market or parallel merchandise or merchandise for which the price does not include the full US warranty, seconds, re-packs or floor samples do not qualify as identical products for purposes of the low price guarantee.

An authorized retail business means a dealer selling consumer goods at a profit in an arms length transaction to the general public on a regular basis. This does not include charities, internet sales, government subsidized outlets, other subsidized businesses, buying or membership clubs, builders, contractors or any special arrangement.

Regular price means the price at which the retailer ordinarily sells the product to the general public in accordance with its usual and ordinary policy of doing business. Sale prices which are available to the general public are considered regular prices. Prices not qualifying for the low price guarantee include prices for left-over models, floor samples, discontinued products or closeouts, from or through buying services, bankruptcy sales or loss leaders, depressed merchandise prices, construction package deals on products, employee discounts, prices obtained through the internet, prices obtained through an employee benefit program, prices obtained through an arrangement, cash only or limited availability sales or government subsidized outlet prices.


You must submit valid proof of the lower price for the comparison item. A verifiable advertisement or verifiable written quotation on a firm’s business stationery which shows the item, price (including any shipping or delivery charges), brand name, model number and when the price is in effect, as well as the name and address of the retail business which is selling the identical product, will be considered valid proof. The difference will be calculated on the merchandise cost excluding any taxes or shipping charges quoted by the retail business and Dine In or Dine Out. Dine In or Dine Out reserves the right to verify and correct shipment charges should there be a miscalculation. All prices submitted for comparison must be verifiable. Prices will be compared prior to any applicable rebates.

The savings guarantee does not apply to loss leader or limited availability items, cash only sales, closeouts, returned items, computer industry products, employee discounts, automobile or other vehicles, pricing attained through the internet, DVDs, CDs, loose or set stones, movie tickets, travel, gourmet foods, tires, special or negotiated arrangements, returned items, canceled orders, incorrect prices quoted due to vendor or employee errors or any product or service not purchased directly through the Dine In or Dine Out shopping service.

The member is entitled to one (1) “double-the-difference lowest price guarantee” in the US per item quoted. To illustrate, a member does not receive the payment back on five (5) identical items, but only on one (1) item per item purchased through Dine In or Dine Out. To qualify, products must be delivered to members who reside in the Continental US. Please allow 30 days for processing.

  1. Only products that come with valid US warranties are covered. Certain terms, conditions and limitations apply.
  2. In the event of a split manufacturer’s warranty, the shortest period will be doubled.
  3. RRepairs during the extended part of your warranty are normally “carry-in”. Exception: If the manufacturer requires in-home service, you will be paid only for the parts and labor, not for travel time or mileage.
  4. Dine In or Dine Out has excluded products on which the manufacturer does not provide proper warranties or national service facilities, as well as the following items: fuel oil, heating systems, building materials, animal food, farm equipment, home improvements, snow skis, dry cleaning, marine equipment, repairs, diving equipment, clothing (limited), toys (limited availability), swimming pools, central air conditioning and motorcycles.

Double the repair period of the manufacturer’s U.S. warranty (up to a maximum of an additional 12 months) on most consumer products purchased from our Shopping Service which are registered with our Administration Center and paid for in full.

To register a product, please follow these easy steps.

*Within 30 days of receipt of a product purchased from our Shopping Service, send the following information to:

Dine In or Dine Out
Member Services, Extended Warranty
PO Box 14655
Minneapolis, MN 55414

  1. Your shopping service membership number. (Your membership must be active).
  2. A copy of your shopping service purchase order confirmation form.
  3. A copy of the complete manufacturer’s original U.S. warranty, including the product description, model number and serial number.
  4. Your name, address, and daytime telephone number.

You will be sent a written confirmation of registration and an 800 number to call for instructions on how to obtain service. The written confirmation will detail applicable terms, conditions, and limitations. Failure to register this product within the appropriate time frame will result in the purchaser being ineligible for this extended warranty program.

  1. Additionally, a product may be removed from its service or unavailable if [instance-name] determines that the product cannot be delivered within a reasonable amount of time or if Dine In or Dine Out determines that shipping and handling costs will eliminate the majority of the savings on a purchase. Delay or failure of performance by Dine In or Dine Out shall be excused if normal operations are hindered or prevented by strikes, lockouts, acts of God, acts of the government, acts of the civil military authorities, material shortages, dollar fluctuations and or/ other conditions, availability of products, delays of public carriers, fire, theft, accident, human error on the part of anyone connected with Dine In or Dine Out or its suppliers and vendors or distributors and laws of any kind limiting or conditioning the conduct of Dine In or Dine Out or its suppliers, vendors or distributors. Dine In or Dine Out shall not be responsible for non-delivery or discontinuances of any product by the manufacturer, distributor or vendor. Dine In or Dine Out reserves the right to update, modify or change its policies and procedures, products, brands, pricing and programs at any time without notice. Dine In or Dine Out reserves the right to limit quantities. Dine In or Dine Out and its suppliers, vendors and distributors make no warranty, express or implied, in connection therewith respect to any products offered or sold through the program or information furnished, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose

    It is the policy of Dine In or Dine Out to comply with all federal, state and local laws pertaining to the regulation of various consumer services. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this manual; however, we are not liable for printing errors and/or omissions.

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